Gianluca Rosso
Statistician - Sport Analytics

I'm a statistician researcher on Extreme Value Theory, modelling, Time Series, Decision Trees (for example in sport or in risk cases), Generalized Extreme Value Theory (Block Maxima), Generalized Pareto Distribution (POT Peaks Over Threshold), Monte Carlo Analysis and Latin Hypercube Sampling (simulation and risk management tools from banking and finance applied to non-deterministic algorithms, for example Formula1 strategies).

I'm Professor in Sport Analytics (performance analysis).

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Quantitative Methods for Sports - QUANT4SPORT
It's an ambitious project across mathematics, statistics and economy. We examine most of possibilities offered today in sports like soccer, tennis, motorsports, basket and many others. We deal with sport, seen from the side of the numbers. We look at current sport by imagining the sport of the future. We help companies, institutions and researchers who are involved in the field of sports analytics, working with them and for them, studying their data and creating models. We bring this knowledge to students through our courses. Our fields are performance analysis and economic analysis, both descriptive and predictive.

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I'm based in Turin (IT)

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